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Service Tier Options

AGILOD Consulting's service to our clients is to provide talented resources required to fully implement AGILOD on their current or upcoming projects.

Our services are packaged into three options:

  • Service Tier 1 - Full AGILOD Automation with On/Offsite Support
  • Service Tier 2 - Onsite AGILOD Training, Offsite Support
  • Service Tier 3 - Offsite AGILOD Support

We offer our services on a project basis only. Clients can bundle any mix of these services in six month increments to fit their needs.

Rate information is quantified based on the initial test automation projections for the target project. This process is facilitated by officers within our Sales and Technology departments.

Our onsite resources are staffed through one of our partner staffing firms. This enables us to work with companies that use preferred staffing vendors or require contractors to meet certain qualifications before they can perform services for the client. Please redirect us to such staffing vendors ahead of time should there be restrictions within your company that could impact the staffing process.

To inquire more about our rates & services, visit our Contact Us section.